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Georgia Fort makes history with launch of new TV Show

Georgia Fort is a two time midwest Emmy award winning journalist whose reporting has been featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS affiliates. She has more followers than any other Twin Cities newscaster or TV host. She was one of only two journalists allowed in the courtroom for Derek Chauvin’s sentencing. Georgia's historic launch of the first independently produced TV Show hosted by a Black woman comes at a time when trust in traditional media is eroding. Here's the Truth with Georgia Fort is a weekly half-hour news program designed to bring Georgia's award-winning reporting to Television. The show has created new full-time media and storytelling positions. With contributions from the public Georgia was able to pay it forward by creating commercials for 10 Black and Brown owned businesses for free and airing their spots throughout the 12 week season. Her team is preparing to launch a Season 2 in September of 2023.

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